Friday, April 08, 2016

Vegetation is about to take over -- so what's the plan ?

These pictures were taken on 8th April showing last seasons boundary of weed growth about 400m from the shore north of the Yacht club ,
Over 100 hectares of growth has occurred already below the new highly shore line established in the 1980's. This year new large areas of reeds  and docks and other tough colonising plants can be expected to take off over the next few months creating a management issue of huge proportions.

While a good depth of water is desirable its unlikely that  we will get the 4- 600 mm of rain in the next few months to kill the new areas of  growth.  Presumably in the past , grazing by stock helped reduce this risk...... and yet its not stated in the plan .
The  autumn rain ( 15mm on 6th ) can be expected to get lots of new growth going on the dry surface; areas that previously carried no growth .

Unless the management plan address the existing 100 ha of  growth,  the amount could easily double before next year .The highly fertile soils  and high moisture content will mean removal of this  material could be very difficult. How can we hope to retain the lake as a place for recreational use by boats ?
This new reed growth is happening in the clay only area about 500 metres from the shore .

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