Thursday, April 25, 2013

12 April 2013

The birds are only small , inactive and not overly large in number as there is still some growth in the still relatively clear autumn waters . 
How much lower will our Lake go this year ? As shown on the graph here , the evaporation about matches the rainfall around now ,so little lake level fall is likely .

What is deeply disturbing is the growing area of potential swamp ( now out several hundred metres ) an area and boundary that can be expected to grow rapidly this year .
What are our Councillors doing to plan for this / you better ask them . 

Monday, April 01, 2013

Outside profs need to get involved to be taken seriuosly

What should happen to Lake Colacis a complex matter and will take time to get some sort of consensus. We don't need know all's and we don't need outsiders with a "no can do" attitude; Its always easier to do nothing till we have nothing left .
Problem solving isn't helped  by Councils who trust outside so called academics and outside experts who press the kill button on people's questions . When people like Prof Gell get involved with a proper review of the details of a bypass proposal , I will take them seriously. So far its just one careless comment.  
The floor of the shallow basin we call Lake Colac is already dumping dust on Colac ( in dry periods ) and will continue if nothing is done to change the basic hydrodynamics.  If heavy metals are a problem Mr Gell can tell us now about how much we have recieved , without getting side tracked into finding just another reason for our Council to say and do nothing about it. Clearly 2 lakes will lower the load into north Colac at least .
Mr Gell wants us to believe  we can't do anything ; the problems are 'unmanageable "  Seems like even academia , like the Greens , need a lesson in how to not despair of everything we do and our ability to do anything .Come on Mr Gell; get seriously involved .