Thursday, April 25, 2013

12 April 2013

The birds are only small , inactive and not overly large in number as there is still some growth in the still relatively clear autumn waters . 
How much lower will our Lake go this year ? As shown on the graph here , the evaporation about matches the rainfall around now ,so little lake level fall is likely .

What is deeply disturbing is the growing area of potential swamp ( now out several hundred metres ) an area and boundary that can be expected to grow rapidly this year .
What are our Councillors doing to plan for this / you better ask them . 

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Johnniem said...

I hope someone will . Apparently they may have to wait till the Infrastructure Environment Officer is appointed. Its his/her job to stop the senior executive officers from taking the rap if they should again cut some grass , dump some gravel where they shouldn't . I wonder if anyone will make any decisions on this ? Maybe its not the job of Council to make decisions anymore - Maybe they should just hand all of their heavy responsibilities to those who make decisions for them.