Thursday, January 21, 2016

21Jan 2016

Low rainfall low runoff over the last few years and our lake is about to dry out ,Range of birds still feeding in SE corner ( view from pier)  The water is still a long way out .

  The view near home

Anyone who wants to constructively discuss the future of Lake Colac is welcome to join in the discussion on 
While many favor leaving it as it is , I as a geomorphic landscape planner favor change. We have watched the fish die and birds disappear for decades .The lake is not an ecosystem but a series of death threat events in a eutrophic lake - see blow for more detail .

 Talk of a regatta has been just that for a hundred years and will remain that way for another hundred if we do not embrace the only change we will ever be offered- esp one  that we can afford .Dust too will increasingly be our lot as it is the natural product of this sort of temporary water basin. also Lakes and Craters Australia FB page  Will post a picture of the blown out boundaries sometime .